[131129] Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai – Hatere, Friendzoned, Ritual = ??? PROFIT

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Original Name: 妹のおかげでモテすぎてヤバい
Brand: Hulotte
Homepage: hulotte.jp/product/moteyaba/
Release: November, 2013


Spring. The season of blooming sakura, and the beginning of love. There was a guy who kept his unusually high spirit in secret.

Asasaka Tokiya, our protagonist, was a good-looking boy with a tidy appearance and a serious face who held his head high.

But, in contrast with his appearance, deep down he was full of insecure feelings.

Unsurprisingly, Tokiya was actually a timid, introverted boy. In other words, he was an Otaku.

There’s a reason why he went out of his way to care way too much about his appearance.

――Yes, that is love.

Spring is the season of love. As Tokiya harbored his feelings for Shiratori Kanae, with whom he fell in love at the first sight a year ago. He attained a splendid outward appearance under the hellish training and heavy studying sessions given to him by his imouto, Meguri!

Finally, Tokiya was be able to gain admission to the same school of Kanae: The St. Matsurika Academy.

But, as he was still unable to muster up his confidence, his imouto, Meguri, suggested a ritual.

―― The Kokkai Ritual――

It is a secret passed down in the Asasaka tradition which transfers the possibility of marriage in the future to your current self.

With the ritual, one can capture the gazes of girls, or in other words, "be popular".

Tokiya, who undertook the ritual, feeling desperate as a drowning man clutching to a straw, immediately felt the effect in the form of Meguri going all romantic on him.

I can do this――! Thought Tokiya. He invited Kanae to meet up under the Sakura tree, mustered up all his courage, and confessed his feelings to her.

Unfortunately, Kanae reply was ―― "Let’s be friend first".

Under the effect of the ritual, Tokiya is now the center of attraction among the girls. His defense is now shaky!

For now, Tokiya has to start as a friend with Kanae. Meanwhile, other cute girls kept making advance on him!!

Can Tokiya shake off all the other girls and stay true to his pure love?!


Shiratori Kanae – love at first sight, who friendzoned you, sure she’s cute
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Asasaka Meguri – Your awesome imouto MUST GET
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Toshima Maina – supposedly, the cute girls who flock over the protag
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Yonaga Aoba – same
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Mizunashi Miya – same
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Personal Comment:

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

There’s Pure love, there’s five stars from Checkmate.

First thing first, wow, Hulotte second game for real! I thought they would be closed down after their first game – With Ribbon – which involved in your future daughter helping you to fall in love with her mom (too bad, there’s no daughter route, which I really want). Now to be quite honest, I like this story very much, I like this setting very much, and I especially like the kokkai ritual a lot. I need to play this game to figure out the ritual itself. It will be my greatest discovery in life. I shall push down the Meguri first, then Manae later. I wish I had such an awesome imouto like Meguri, can’t stop loving her.

Art by Ikegami Akane, I honestly don’t remember if she draws for any other ero companies but Hulotte (with the exception of some doujinshi stuff). Her art is quite nice though. Character design is quite good and the CV seems decent, no voice sample yet.

As the last Hulotte game were actually decent, I’d expect this one to play out nicely accompanied by lots of ero, which is a great bonus from me. This is going to be my very awesome pick for November.

Thanks Ignis for helping with the hard to interpret part.